Finally in New York

After our visit to Niagara falls and Washington, we proceeded to the final leg of our tour, the dream city, the commercial capital of USA, New York. When we traveled from New Jersey to New York, we were stunned to see the beautiful sky line of New York city. Though I have seen this in so many Hollywood movies, yet to see in person is really awesome. New York City is the densely populated city in US. The icon synonymous with New York is none other than The Statue of Liberty. It was a gift from France to USA marking … Continue reading Finally in New York

Memories of India’s maiden World Cup 1983

83 a movie based on India’s triumph of 1983 cricket World Cup, which is being released in OTT platforms and getting lot of rave reviews. I am yet to see the movie, which I would certainly do it as it has rekindled my memories associated with this great win by Indian boys in blue. On 24 June 1983, I boarded the Grand Trunk Express with lot of anxieties as it was my maiden trip to Delhi to take up my first appointment in Central Government. When I entered my compartment, the passengers were discussing about India reaching the final of the World Cup. Yes, the discussion … Continue reading Memories of India’s maiden World Cup 1983

Few thoughts over Australia Open 2022…..

This year Australia Open men’s final was the most memorable match I have ever seen so far. What a game ! Till the end not able to predict the winner. It was a surprise when young Daniil Medvedev took the first two sets. Third set was really a turnaround as Nadal broke the winning streak of Medvedev and retained himself in the contention. After that both the players showed extraordinary grit to fight each other tooth and nail to win the remaining sets. After watching their stunning performance I thought that who ever wins here, tonight the real winner is … Continue reading Few thoughts over Australia Open 2022…..

Memory lane – Ooty

During this pandemic I have no other option than just to joggle my memory regarding the places I visited. The old snaps instantly rekindled my memories. Yeah I am talking about my Ooty visit. Though I was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, I somewhat missed to visit Ooty while was in my home town. After moving to Delhi only I realised that I should visit Ooty during my next visit to Tamil Nadu. While planning for the trip, I came to know that they were two modes of travel to reach Ooty. One from Coimbatore by road and … Continue reading Memory lane – Ooty

If we don’t change our attitude, the virus will win

We are in the midst of pandemic. It started four months back, still we are not sure when it is going to end. No experts able to predict its behaviour. Our only hope is vaccine, we are not sure when it will come and also its efficacy. So wearing the mask, keeping social distance and washing your hands frequently are the only tool we have to contain the spread. Initially we were all well disciplined and fearful to the virus. So every one strictly followed the guidelines issued by WHO and it helped the world in containing the virus spread … Continue reading If we don’t change our attitude, the virus will win

India struggles to fight the pandemic

My previous article about India’s fight against Corona was written during Apr 2020, at the time India was doing extremely well by way of early lock-down with strict guidelines by the Government. People of India also supported the Government with their disciplined attitude and stayed at home to contain the spread of virus. The virus started spreading fast when India opening up the economy. Now India is at a place where no country would like to. Yeah India took 5th position among the worst hit countries by beating Italy and Spain. The only consolation is India’s mortality rate is still … Continue reading India struggles to fight the pandemic


When the news started coming from Whuan during Dec 2019 regarding a new virus, it was a third page news item for us. At the time nobody would have imagined that the new virus, it was named as COVID 19, would shatter the entire world. In fact, there were lot of memes and funny jokes in the social media spread faster than the virus itself. When the virus started spreading its wings to Europe the whole world turned their focus on this. Every country realized that the virus endanger the very existence of the human beings. The way it devastated … Continue reading NOT PANICKED OVER PANDEMIC

Mesmerized by Niagara Falls!

After our Las Vegas visit we proceeded to Baffalo. Since there is no direct flight between Las Vegas to Buffalo, we took a flight to Charlotte and from there we took another flight to Baffalo. From Baffalo we proceeded to Niagara by road and reached Niagra around 3.30 pm. Our hotel was very near to the falls. It was drizzling and climate was so pleasant and we thought that it is the right time to see the falls. Our jaws dropped at the very sight of the falls. Wow it was absolutely stunning. I was not exactly sure what to … Continue reading Mesmerized by Niagara Falls!

Lost ourselves in Los Angels and Las Vegas

We undertook a road journey from Sanfrancisco to Hollywood capital Los Angels. This journey helped us to see USA’s amazing infrastructure. While on the bus, I felt that as if I am riding on rails. The journey was so smooth, we did not even got tired after seven hours of travel. We reached Los Angels in the evening. Spent few hours at Santa Monica beach before going to our hotel. The beach is located along Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica. I came to know that many hollywood movies were shot here on this beach. We enjoyed our time here. … Continue reading Lost ourselves in Los Angels and Las Vegas

A maiden trip to USA

We realized our dream of our maiden international trip to USA on 29 Aug 2019. We planned  a 12 days trip to visit to Sanfrancisco, Las Angels, Las Vegas, Buffalo, Washington & New York. Our first step was to go to US embassy at New Delhi for the VISA interview.  We went there with full of anxiety like school kids who face there first test in the school.  But to our surprise we found that the VISA issuing officer was so nice and  friendly, when he informed us that ‘your visa is approved’ we felt that as if we touched … Continue reading A maiden trip to USA