Memory lane – Ooty

During this pandemic I have no other option than just to joggle my memory regarding the places I visited. The old snaps instantly rekindled my memories.

Yeah I am talking about my Ooty visit. Though I was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, I somewhat missed to visit Ooty while was in my home town. After moving to Delhi only I realised that I should visit Ooty during my next visit to Tamil Nadu.

While planning for the trip, I came to know that they were two modes of travel to reach Ooty. One from Coimbatore by road and it will take me to Ooty in one hour and the other is from Mettupalayam by train, which will take four and half hours. I decided to take train journey despite its long running hours.

The very appearance of the mini train enthralled me. When the train started, I got excited eventhough the speed of the train was very slow. But after one hour travel, I realized that it must be the best way to reach Ooty. Yes if you want to explore the Nilgiri Hills, you must travel by this train. It crossed through 16 tunnels and 250 bridges. View from the train was really breathtaking.

A British couple, who are also traveling with me in the same compartment and were enjoying every moment and often got excited, I engaged a conversation with them. They told me that though they have visited some of the best places, it is really a unique experience for us and it will be etched in our memory for a long. They also told me that it is really a technological marvel and you have to thank British for this. After hearing this comment I was shocked as I felt that they had hurt my national pride, but after few seconds I realized that the truth in their statement. Yes, we have to be thankful to the British for the entire railway network in India.

The train stopped for a while at Coonoor. I alighted from the train to enjoy its coolness. The ambience, climate and its greenery refreshed my soul and mind.

When I got down from the train at Ooty, I immediately felt the purity of the air. It was invigorating. I was completely enchanted by the scenic beauty. Spending my time in botanical garden was the best way to commune with the nature. A stroll on the roads of Ooty while drizzling will stimulate you. The view of tea gardens is a real feast to your eyes. You would never want to come back if you visit the Rose Garden. Doddabeta will certainly give you a chance to touch the clouds.

After spending three days in Ooty, I realized that I got a much needed reprieve from dust and pollution. Though I visited few hill stations, undoubtedly Ooty is the best I have ever seen. I wish to spend my rest of my life by exploring this blue mountain.

19 thoughts on “Memory lane – Ooty

  1. Good day Mr. Ramasamy. I hope you are well. Thank you for sharing about your trip to Ooty and the gardens. Everything looks quite beautiful. I could feel its peace, even through the photos.

  2. Hello friend V Ramasamy, your blog seems interesting and so beautiful. I like your cool and “easy to accept” personality. Love the way you write. Thank you.❤💐💐

  3. Bravo Mr. Ramasamy, ritrovare i viaggi e le esperienze vissute è l’arma migliore in questo periodo di isolamento. Anch’io spesso faccio viaggi a ritroso 😉
    (Well done Mr. Ramasamy, rediscovering the travels and experiences lived is the best weapon in this period of isolation. I too often travel backwards 😉)

  4. Train travel and Ooty.. mesmerizing beauty…. Reminds me of my bike trip to Ooty..
    Yes the purity of Air in those hill station just reminds us how much spoilt is our cities..

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