Memories of India’s maiden World Cup 1983

83 a movie based on India’s triumph of 1983 cricket World Cup, which is being released in OTT platforms and getting lot of rave reviews. I am yet to see the movie, which I would certainly do it as it has rekindled my memories associated with this great win by Indian boys in blue. On 24 June 1983, I boarded the Grand Trunk Express with lot of anxieties as it was my maiden trip to Delhi to take up my first appointment in Central Government. When I entered my compartment, the passengers were discussing about India reaching the final of the World Cup. Yes, the discussion … Continue reading Memories of India’s maiden World Cup 1983

Few thoughts over Australia Open 2022…..

This year Australia Open men’s final was the most memorable match I have ever seen so far. What a game ! Till the end not able to predict the winner. It was a surprise when young Daniil Medvedev took the first two sets. Third set was really a turnaround as Nadal broke the winning streak of Medvedev and retained himself in the contention. After that both the players showed extraordinary grit to fight each other tooth and nail to win the remaining sets. After watching their stunning performance I thought that who ever wins here, tonight the real winner is … Continue reading Few thoughts over Australia Open 2022…..

FIFA 2018 World Cup as I see it…………..

I am basically a cricket fan, may be because India plays cricket! I also watch other sports for a change. My interest to watch football matches developed only during world cups.I really enjoy the extravaganza on TV. Though I have not much knowledge over football, other than Messi and Ronaldo, still I enjoy the game for other reasons. That is the way I see a football match! I am amazed to see the colourful football stadium. The vast green field with players in colourful attire with white shoes.The men at goals with different shades. Referees with a whistle  in their … Continue reading FIFA 2018 World Cup as I see it…………..