India struggles to fight the pandemic

My previous article about India’s fight against Corona was written during Apr 2020, at the time India was doing extremely well by way of early lock-down with strict guidelines by the Government.

People of India also supported the Government with their disciplined attitude and stayed at home to contain the spread of virus.

The virus started spreading fast when India opening up the economy. Now India is at a place where no country would like to. Yeah India took 5th position among the worst hit countries by beating Italy and Spain.

The only consolation is India’s mortality rate is still lowest among the worst hit countries.

What happened to India? There are lot of aspects that contributed its present condition.

After lock down, suddenly the migrant workers started to migrate to their home town due to loss of their livelihood. Government did not anticipate this. They started moving in large groups to their home state without bothering about social distancing.

Government’s decision to open liquor shops also triggered the spread as crowd gathered in large numbers to buy liquor.

Evacuation of Indians who got stuck in various countries also one of the reason for the spread.

In some states people flouted lock down guidelines that resulted in fast spread of the virus. People think that just wearing mask they can live a normal life that existed before Covid19. This is absolutely wrong. Keeping social distance also as important as wearing a mask

It is really pathetic that India opened its economy when the virus spread at its peak.

In fact, I felt safe to go out when lock down was there. But now I am really afraid to step down when everything is opened up.

I wish people of India continue to observe the lock down guidelines strictly even after opening up that will certainly help to slow down the spread.

24 thoughts on “India struggles to fight the pandemic

  1. Watching from afar and hearing from my friends in India I feel like you. At first I was happy and surprised at how things were going but now it’s not looking as good.

    My experience here is making me think that lockdown measures are not the only helpful thing. I think attitudes about social distancing, wearing of masks and minimizing crowds has helped a lot. For example, all of our liquor stores remained open. (Our health officer warned that closing them could result in hospitalization and even death of many alcoholics). In fact, any store that sold food or drink remained open. Restaurants remained open for take-out and delivery. But in all of those cases there were strict guidelines. All of our stores have line-ups outside following markings to encourage social distancing. A security guard at the door would allow only so many people in, only letting another person in when someone else left. Inside the stores, aisles were marked with arrows indicating direction of flow so fewer people passed one another. And many stores began offering online ordering with delivery or curbside pickup. The end result is that things were still able to proceed even as we maintain safe distances. And overall most people are respecting the guidance. Compare that to the US just next door where many places are enforcing minimal measures, and many people violate the rules anyway claiming that they’re “asserting their rights.”

    I hope that things resolve themselves there soon. My friends are worried, telling of hearing that cases are three villages away…now two…now one…and now right in our mohalla. It’s very scary.

    1. Yeah things really getting bad. People should realise that Government cannot save your life unless you change your attitude. Hope better sense prevail. Thank you Todd for the insightful comments.

    2. I can speak to part of the US in regards to:
      Compare that to the US just next door where many places are enforcing minimal measures, and many people violate the rules anyway claiming that theyโ€™re โ€œasserting their rights.โ€
      I’m located in the Southeastern US and this drives any reasonable person crazy! Our stores try to mark things off and direct. Some manage to do a fair job of it but so many people are noncompliant that it makes the entire effort mostly a waste. Fortunately we are quite rural and have just kept to ourselves as much as possible after we saw how things were going. It baffles me that giving instructions to keep someone safe can be reinterpreted as taking away rights.
      Oh well, it has been a great time to chill and enjoy the outdoors, for our part.
      Our shared sympathy to all of you guys and we hope you stay safe!

  2. People should think as they are one and related to each other, the virus can spread fast human to human. Thus as they concern their own health and their significant others they must do the social distancing, wearing mask and washing hands in discipline. India is also a big country with big population, if everyone consider the health protocol, I think they can maintain well this pandemic time.

    1. Yeah it is good if people change their attitude to contain the virus. Thank you jessmite for the nice comments.

      1. Indonesia also still struggles to fight the pandemic Corona virus. The mental and attitude of every citizen is the crucial one to work together and limit the virus spreading.

  3. sharing the same experience here in the philippines. after the initial lockdown which appeared to have a good effect, the government decided to allow some liberties in order to open up the economy. unfortunately it also triggered a resurgence for covid. now we are struggling a bit as well. same as in your case, migrant workers come back from having lost job opportunities abroad, more people going out disregarding social distancing requirements due to the need to find resources to bring food to the table. the numbers are increasing, and the virus is spreading slowly to areas which were not affected before.
    stay safe, my friend.

    1. Yeah lockdown only gives time for us to improve the infrastructure. It is not the solution for containing the spread. Thank you for the nice comments.

  4. First thing I hate about the pandemic is the rich who traveled to India bought the virus yet they continue to enjoy, the natives who were just living their life had to suffer in large numbers for survival..

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