When the news started coming from Whuan during Dec 2019 regarding a new virus, it was a third page news item for us. At the time nobody would have imagined that the new virus, it was named as COVID 19, would shatter the entire world. In fact, there were lot of memes and funny jokes in the social media spread faster than the virus itself.

When the virus started spreading its wings to Europe the whole world turned their focus on this. Every country realized that the virus endanger the very existence of the human beings. The way it devastated few European countries and later the USA, the experts feared that if it spread to developing countries, it would be a worst nightmare for them.

India became alert and started screening international passengers when the virus spread was not even happened. When India decided to go for the full lock-down for 21 days at the early stage that helped to contain the virus drastically. WHO appreciated India’s efforts in containing virus spread as it knows that it was a arduous task to discipline 1.3 mn people and get their support for Government’s directions. Yeah it was really heartening to see the people of India who rendered their full support to the Government. It resulted in India’s performance in fighting COVID19 is far better than any other country in the world.

There are lot of people who contributed to this success and it is time to thank all of them. First I thank the Indian Prime Minister for the quick and timely actions. I thank all the health workers who ignored their own risk and attended the COVID19 patients and helped them to recover from it. I thank all the sanitation workers for their selfless service. I thank all the workers who involved in maintaining essential services. I thank all persons who contributed generously to this cause. I also thank good Samaritans who provided food and shelter to the migrant workers who lost their job due to lock-down.

I feel sense of pride over the way our country reacted and showed our solidarity in fighting the invisible enemy. The fight is not over, yet I am sure that India is going to win the fight soon.


    1. Yeah, I am happy to know that Goa has become a first State declared as COVID19 free. If everything goes well, certainly we will win our fight against Corana. Till such time let us stay home and stay safe. Thank you neel for the nice comments.

  1. I am really impressed with how India has handled it, bringing the lockdown when only a handful of people out of over a billion had died. It truly is an example of short term pain for long term gain I think. I know some have violated it or actively worked against it but overall people are doing well. (Some people here are doing the same sort of things, trying to play in the parks, having parties, and so on but overall people are doing well.) Stay safe and take care!

    1. Yeah I fully agree with you. Thank you Todd for visiting and leave your thoughts. Stay home, stay safe.

  2. Indeed India has put all efforts to protect its people and to a great extent it is successful also. Hoping for stability in the whole world.

  3. Yeah Harman, it is so good so far. Let us pray for a corona free world soon. Thank you for the nice comments.

  4. Yeah jason, the situation is under control so far. Hope to remain so. Thanks for your nice comments. Stay safe.

  5. Yeah migrant workers are affected during the lockdown. I wish the situation end soon. Thank you for the nice comments.

  6. Many have resisted practicing the simple common sense measures. Masks have drawn the most resistance. Even I didn’t want to wear one. But, you know what? Us adults often have to do things we don’t want to do for the common good.
    Have a great summer!

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