Mesmerized by Niagara Falls!

After our Las Vegas visit we proceeded to Baffalo. Since there is no direct flight between Las Vegas to Buffalo, we took a flight to Charlotte and from there we took another flight to Baffalo. From Baffalo we proceeded to Niagara by road and reached Niagra around 3.30 pm.

Our hotel was very near to the falls. It was drizzling and climate was so pleasant and we thought that it is the right time to see the falls. Our jaws dropped at the very sight of the falls. Wow it was absolutely stunning. I was not exactly sure what to expect but the falls are amazing.

The speed of the water while falling down and the sound, the atmosphere mesmerized us and we thought that Nature is at its best here. Maid of the Mist ride was the most thrilling ride we have ever undertaken. When the boat reached very close to the falls, the view was absolutely breathtaking. We were happy to see the Canada border on the other side and also Canadian tourists while we are on the boat. We also visited the falls during night and it was so spectacular and a feast for our eyes.

After that we proceeded to our next destination Washington DC. On the way to Washington we had the opportunity to see Hershey’s chocolate factory in Philadelphia. It’s a simulated tour of a chocolate factory that explained the entire process of making chocolates. It’s a huge complex and our tour guide informed that Americans used to come here during the weekend and spend the entire day along with their families.

We never thought that one day we will be in front of the world famous White House, where President of USA resides.

The U.S. Capitol, is a magnificent building the home of  United States Congress. It is a beautiful structure with nice dome.

Washington memorial which is located nearby US Capitol, built to honor George Washington, the United States’ first president. It is a beautiful structure with a huge tower.

Lincoln Memorial  is a national American memorial built to honour the 16th President of  the United States Abraham Lincoin. It situated near the reflecting pool.

World War II Memorial is a memorial of national significance dedicated Americans who served in the armed forces and as civilians during the World War II.

We also visited The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum maintains the world’s largest and most significant collection of aviation and space artifacts, including all aspects of human flight, as well as related works of art and archival materials. Here we were thrilled to see the space suit worn by Neil Armstrong, the first man who walked on the moon.

The greatest thing about Washington DC is there are so many things to do and see for free in the city. Most of the memorials cost nothing. But due to lack of time we could not go to few museums.

58 thoughts on “Mesmerized by Niagara Falls!

  1. I agree with you about Washington D.C. there are so many interesting things to do there and many of them are free. We spent 2 days a couple of years ago, but need to go back and see the rest. I love Niagra falls. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So glad you made time for Niagara! Everyone should see that wonder at least once. We visit family nearby, and go to the falls as often as we can. Never fails to amaze, and, as you say, mesmerize…..

  3. An interesting statistic. Niagara falls in 50,000 years will have receded so far back into lake Erie that it will no longer exist. Through its history it has receded 1 – 3 ft a year.
    The mighty power of aqua

  4. I’ve traveled to all the places you’ve talked about in your USA posts. (I live on the east coast.) It’s as though I’m seeing them again with fresh eyes by reading about your trip. Thank you!

  5. Glad to know that you live in the east coast and have seen all the places I visited. Happy to note that you enjoyed my writing. Thank you very much for the nice comments.

  6. Loved seeing your New York post – we beat you to THE CITY by a few months!! Stunning place… and I agree, I found the people friendly, wanting to communicate and smile! W are lucky, our son lives there now so we’ll be heading over again later this year!

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