Few thoughts over Australia Open 2022…..

This year Australia Open men’s final was the most memorable match I have ever seen so far. What a game ! Till the end not able to predict the winner.

It was a surprise when young Daniil Medvedev took the first two sets. Third set was really a turnaround as Nadal broke the winning streak of Medvedev and retained himself in the contention. After that both the players showed extraordinary grit to fight each other tooth and nail to win the remaining sets.

After watching their stunning performance I thought that who ever wins here, tonight the real winner is great game of tennis. At last , Nadal the most experienced of the two fought his way and got a well deserved win.

Now let me come to the spectators of the glorious night. Actually they were not deserved to be in the final. I have never seen such a partition crowd in a grand slam match so far. I as a neutral fan, deeply hurt and disappointed over their behaviour during the entire match.

Since from the beginning they only supported Nadal. There is no problem if you support your favourite player. But it does not mean that you should degrade the other player.

It was really shocking when the crowd cheered loud when Medvedev double faulted. None of his shots were appreciated. Instead of encouraging the young player who was playing good against the giant of the game, the crowd keep on demotivating him by their behaviour. I could not understand this, as Australian fans are known for their love for sports.

13 thoughts on “Few thoughts over Australia Open 2022…..

  1. I so agree with you about not degrading the other player. It’s just sports end of the day. What is appreciable should be appreciated. I couldn’t watch the match myself, but have heard the stories.

    1. Yeah, sport lovers always enjoy the good game though they may support their favourite players. You rightly said We should give credit where it is due. By not seeing the match, you certainly missed a good game.

    1. Yeah I too watched that match. But it was related to some issues between the player and the referee. If he had behaved badly, referee would have admonished him. Hence I feel spectators may not have reacted on that incident. Thanks Alex for your comments.

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