If we don’t change our attitude, the virus will win

We are in the midst of pandemic. It started four months back, still we are not sure when it is going to end. No experts able to predict its behaviour.

Our only hope is vaccine, we are not sure when it will come and also its efficacy. So wearing the mask, keeping social distance and washing your hands frequently are the only tool we have to contain the spread.

Initially we were all well disciplined and fearful to the virus. So every one strictly followed the guidelines issued by WHO and it helped the world in containing the virus spread drastically.

In course of time, we started throwing up the guidelines in the wind out of frustration. In India people started to behave as if they are living in a corona free world. Nobody wear the masks properly. Many people never cover their nose. Some people wear the masks by covering only their jaw. Few people wear in their neck.

Most of them don’t know what is called social distancing. So social distancing become social disgusting in many places. They also think that washing hands really an irritation.

Due to this kind of behaviour, Corona having a last laugh as it able to infect large number of people with ease.

It is not a time for frustration or getting bored. If we don’t change our attitude, it would become fatal for the entire humanity. It is high time we continue to follow all the guidelines till we get the vaccine.

21 thoughts on “If we don’t change our attitude, the virus will win

  1. I am fully with you on taking all precautions like wearing masks and social distancing my friend. But I don’t think vaccine is the answer.

    1. Yeah Vaccine may not be the answer, yet it is our only hope. Thank you ashok for the nice comments.

  2. Correctly said. Most of the people have accepted that this is going to be there and thinking to “live with it!”. Tackling this problem is in everyone’s hand and people must behave responsibly. Hope everyone understands this early!

    Nice post.

  3. Yeah. The problem is that they not only risking their own life but also endangering others.Thank you katknit for the nice comments.

  4. Sono passati diversi mesi da questo tuo articolo, nel frattempo è arrivata la seconda e la terza ondata del contagio. Se ripenso ad alcuni comportamenti estivi direi che era inevitabile, ma p anche vero che, almeno qui da noi in Italia, alcune cose che potevano essere fatte non sono state fatte, una fra tante utilizzare i pullman turistici per il trasporto di studenti e lavoratori ed evitare affollamenti in bus, tram e metropolitane. Invece sono rimasti fermi nelle rimesse con gli autisti e le società di trasporto indennizzati.
    Nel frattempo è arrivato il vaccino, ma sono convinto che sino a quando non sarà a disposizione di tutto il pianeta non ne saremo completamente fuori.
    Ciao e grazie per la visita.
    (Several months have passed since this article of yours, in the meantime the second and third waves of the infection have arrived. If I think back to some summer behaviors I would say that it was inevitable, but it is also true that, at least here in Italy, some things that could be done have not been done, one of many using tourist buses to transport students and workers and avoid crowds on buses, trams and subways. Instead they remained stuck in remittances with indemnified drivers and transport companies.
    In the meantime, the vaccine has arrived, but I am convinced that until it is available to the whole planet we will not be completely out of it.
    Hello and thanks for visiting)

  5. Yeah, as feared, second wave have arrived in India. This is happened due to peoples behaviour changes after the end of first wave. Every body start behaving as if corono virus has gone ! Unless people have patience and adopt appropriate behaviour, it would be difficult to contain future waves of corona ! Thank you very much for the nice comments.

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