Flourishing Indian democracy

Red Fort is a historic fort in the city of Delhi in India. It was the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for nearly 200 years, until 1856. Every 15th  August Delhi’s Red Fort comes to the lime light as the Prime Minister of India address the nation on Independence Day. The tradition continues from the first Independence Day on 15th August 1947 by first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the national flag and made a historic speech ‘tryst with destiny’. India celebrated its 72nd Independence Day and the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted … Continue reading Flourishing Indian democracy

Kill the small screen

I am sure you all will agree that our life was far better when we had only a ‘Big Screen’ in our life. We go to movie theater occasionally may be once or twice in a month with our family. It was just like a festival for us.  We analyze, criticize and discuss in threadbare and also we wish to recreate our own version of the movie. The effect of the movie always lingering in our mind for a long time. The day the small screen called TV  attacked our home the enjoyment we derived from big screen came to … Continue reading Kill the small screen

Trip to North East, India

When I decided to visit North-East of India in Apr 2009, I had a lot of apprehensions in my mind due to our pre-conceived notion arising out of adverse media reports about North East. Yet I was so determined to visit as I felt that it was a god sent opportunity. To add fuel to my apprehensions, a bomb blast incident took place at Guwahati just one day prior to our departure. But it never deterred our enthusiasm and we boarded the Air India flight as per the schedule. It was a morning flight from Delhi. Air India served us … Continue reading Trip to North East, India

My first encounter with Winter

 Since winter is fast approaching in Delhi, it brought me back the memories of my first winter in Delhi. When I came to Delhi  I knew nothing about the season called ‘winter’ as I belong to South India, where the climate is hot, hotter and hottest. When everybody talk about winter, I thought that they are just exaggerating the things. One morning in the first week of December, when I woke up at around 6 a.m,  I just pushed the window screen to get the outside view and also sun light as I usually do. The moment I pushed the screen, I saw a white … Continue reading My first encounter with Winter

FIFA 2018 World Cup as I see it…………..

I am basically a cricket fan, may be because India plays cricket! I also watch other sports for a change. My interest to watch football matches developed only during world cups.I really enjoy the extravaganza on TV. Though I have not much knowledge over football, other than Messi and Ronaldo, still I enjoy the game for other reasons. That is the way I see a football match! I am amazed to see the colourful football stadium. The vast green field with players in colourful attire with white shoes.The men at goals with different shades. Referees with a whistle  in their … Continue reading FIFA 2018 World Cup as I see it…………..

Hey monsoon, come soon !

It is natural everybody like monsoon no matter which part of the globe they are. But for the people of Delhi it is a boon !  Because whole Delhi turn in to a frying pan during summer and the temperature will reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. Just shut your eyes and touch any object, I am sure it will be hot . Even during night you won’t get any respite from heat. Thanks for the occasional dust storm, that give us much needed relief, though only for a brief period! The biggest dilemma once monsoon arrive is whether to … Continue reading Hey monsoon, come soon !

The day when I touch the sky

I was craving for air travel since my childhood. Whenever I see a flight in the sky, I always used to imagine how passengers inside the plane would be enjoying their flying. But unfortunately air travel in India was meant for rich only. Few years back only national carrier Indian airlines dominated the whole field and its fare was beyond the reach of a common man. It was a time, only top bureaucrats, business men and politicians used to travel by air. Now the whole scenario has changed drastically. Thanks to invasion of private airlines in the Indian sky. Their … Continue reading The day when I touch the sky

Trip to God’s own country – Kerala

When I planned a trip to Kerala in the first week of December, I thought that the weather will be normal and I won’t get any problem. But to my suprise, cyclone Ockhi which emerged from Bay of Bengal, turned the entire situation upside down as the cyclone which started from Tamil Nadu and moved towards Kerala and battered the coastal areas. Got anxious over the climate and even thought that whether our decision to visit Kerala during December was right. But there was no option to change the programme as air tickets and accommodation were already booked. I immediately … Continue reading Trip to God’s own country – Kerala

Roving through Lucknow

It was a early morning flight. It just took one hour to Lucknow. After having relaxed till evening we proceeded to see Bara Imambra which is very nearest to our Guest House. When we reached the spot, we felt as if we were transported to a historic period. The very sight of Rumi Darwaza was enthralled us. In one side it looked like a necklace. The other side it looked like a palm leaf . The Rumi Darwaza, is an imposing gateway which was built under the patronage of Nawab Asaf-Ud-daula in 1784. It is an example of Awadhi architecture. … Continue reading Roving through Lucknow