Memory lane – Ooty

During this pandemic I have no other option than just to joggle my memory regarding the places I visited. The old snaps instantly rekindled my memories. Yeah I am talking about my Ooty visit. Though I was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, I somewhat missed to visit Ooty while was in my home town. After moving to Delhi only I realised that I should visit Ooty during my next visit to Tamil Nadu. While planning for the trip, I came to know that they were two modes of travel to reach Ooty. One from Coimbatore by road and … Continue reading Memory lane – Ooty

If we don’t change our attitude, the virus will win

We are in the midst of pandemic. It started four months back, still we are not sure when it is going to end. No experts able to predict its behaviour. Our only hope is vaccine, we are not sure when it will come and also its efficacy. So wearing the mask, keeping social distance and washing your hands frequently are the only tool we have to contain the spread. Initially we were all well disciplined and fearful to the virus. So every one strictly followed the guidelines issued by WHO and it helped the world in containing the virus spread … Continue reading If we don’t change our attitude, the virus will win