The day when India’s dream was shattered

Cricket is a passion for Indians. So undoubtedly I am a passionate cricket fan. When the World Cup schedule announced I got excited. I strongly believed that the present Indian team has the potential to win this edition of World Cup. When the tournament started I delighted over Indian team’s performance as it matched with my belief. They went on to beat three top teams and they finished at the top of the points table. Out of 8 matches they won 7 matches was really an incredible performance in the World Cup.

Battle lines were drawn for the Semi Final with New Zealand and it was scheduled on 14th Jul 2019. Incidentally India did not get the opportunity to play with New Zealand earlier due to rain, but considering India’s batting strength I thought that it would be a cake walk for India to defeat New Zealand and go to the final.

India bowled well to restrict New Zealand to 240. Considering India’s strong batting, I thought that India is certainly going to the final by defeating New Zealand. When rain interrupted the match I felt anxious as I feared that it may effect India’s chance to go to the final. I prayed that the match should resume immediately. But to my sorrow rain played a spoil sport and the officials decided to resume the match the next day.

On 15th Jul 2019 at 3 pm (Indian time) I sat in front of the TV and stared its screen for the match begin. When Rohit Sharma and Rahul were at the pitch, naturally I expected a explosive batting from Rohit as he was at the peak of his form. Suddenly I felt that the earth started shaking when I saw Rohit’s exit and he just scored 1 run. What a disastrous start for India in the semi final! I never imagine India could make such a poor start in the important knockout game. I know cricket is the game of glorious uncertainties. But this time for India it is really uncertain but not glorious.

After few minutes I came to my senses and reconciled myself that since the target is not much India could make it still. Then started Indian procession led by Kohli, Rishab Pant & Rahul. India were 4 down for 26 runs.

At this stage even any ardent fan of India could believe that India could recover from this shock. I was really disappointed as India was performing extremely well to occupy the top slot could do such a blunder in an important game.

When Jadeja and Dhoni was at the crease, Indians hopes were alive. Full credit goes to Jadeja for the valiant knock. Both Jadeja and Dhoni took the match till the penultimate over and kept the New Zelanders at their tow. At this stage I presume that even New Zealanders believed that India could make it. There came a vital blow for India by way Dhoni’s run out. Its all over for India. I appreciate the Indian team for the outstanding performance , yet I could not digest losing four wickets in twenty six runs. This is going to haunt both Indian players as well as fans for long time to come.

38 thoughts on “The day when India’s dream was shattered

  1. I think everyone expected an India v Australia final but sometimes the weight of those expectations proves too much.

  2. It was really very sad day for Indian cricket that after stellar performance till semi final, the Indian could not do much; – the top batters could not be any better on that day. The just could not play coolly and defend a small total. Although Dhoni and Jadeja saved some grace for Indian cricket yet it was not their day on that day that is what I can say!

  3. It was not our day! Most of the cricket lovers felt bad for India’s loss… Lets hope the Indian Cricket Board makes use of the next four years and build an stronger team and they can get the cup one more time!

    1. Yeah, fans disappointed as our team has full potential to win it. Thank you for the nice comments Venkat ji.

  4. What a final it was, though, with England and New Zealand! I wonder how India will react to their disappointment. That’s where growth happens on a team.

    1. Yeah there will be only one winner in a match. But when it was not India, we get disappointed. Thank you for the nice comments.

  5. Not a huge cricket fan but I can imagine your disappointment. Sorry that our rubbish weather spoilt things a little. I did watch the final though and I’m pleased luck was on England’s side haha.

    1. Yeah. Not only me, Indian fans all over the world disappointed disappointed as India was one of the favourite of the tournament. Final was really awesome with luck favored England. Thank you for the nice comments.

    2. Yeah not only me all Indian fans were disappointed. I am happy over England’s maiden World Cup win. Thank you for the nice comments.

  6. I too love my cricket, and being English but living in Australia I feel I sometimes have a foot in each camp. However, my heart is with the Australian team if I am being honest. Sorry your team didn’t win for you this time.

    1. Thank you Barbara for the nice comments. Yeah I am disappointed as I thought that India team has the potential to win the cup.

    1. Glad to know that you enjoyed my writing. Yeah I was very much disappointed over India’s defeat. Thank you for the nice comments.

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