Gujarat Diary – A Missing Passenger

On the day of our return from Veraval to Ahmedabad, we boarded the train at 9 pm. When we entered our coach no body was there. We kept our luggage and indulged in chatting. After few minutes one middle aged man entered in our coach. I said hello to him. He smiled at me and started to keep his things below the seat.

We forget about his presence as we resumed our chatting . After few minutes a lot of passengers started coming to occupy the coach. As per schedule time train started. After half an hour or so we suddenly noticed that the middle aged man who came earlier not seen in the coach.

Since, Delhi has made us more security conscious, we were perturbed over his absence. We immediately inquired our fellow passengers whether they have seen that person. But everybody denied . We both got worried and feared too!

Almost one hour passed after the train started still there is no trace of that man. We started imagining worse things and started staring his luggage in suspicion.

When the Ticket Checking Staff came, we briefed him about the missing man and our possible worst scenario which bound to happen. But Ticket Checking Staff did not bother about our concern and moved to the next coach.

We could not able to sleep. We started indulging conversation with fellow passengers about the possible solutions. One passenger suggested that we can throw his luggage when the train reach next station. Another passenger suggested that we can open his luggage to check the contents.

While we were trying to find out some solution, suddenly the missing passenger appeared and we were all shocked to see him and of course got a sigh of relief. We were curious to know about his disappearance, he casually told us that he just went to see one of his colleague who was in the other coach without bothering about the scene he has created for the last one and half hours !

9 thoughts on “Gujarat Diary – A Missing Passenger

  1. Haha…much ado about nothing 😀
    When we boarded the train from Veraval to Ahmedabad even we were perturbed with the near empty train. We are traveling in First AC and the doors were literally shut. We had to call someone to open for us and there were just us, me and my parents. More passengers joined only from Rajkot.

  2. Yeah that is the peculiarity of Veraval Station! I never seen such an empty station anywhere in the country ! Thanks for the nice comments.

  3. Interesting that you write about these things. Lovely to read. In an airport you are requir d to stay with y8ur luggage at all times.

  4. Trains can be a scary place as you don’t control your ability to enter or depart, it is easy to fear the worst when things aren’t as they seem.

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