Delhi’s Weekly Market

Life is so hectic for every one in this world. Nobody finds time even to say hello to neighbours. Morning to evening life has become so mechanical and in this situation human feelings are the causality.

I find visiting weekly market (very common in northern part of India) every week refresh my mind and soul and breaks the monotony, which started on Monday. You can buy anything from pin to pillar from this roof less super market.

I always feel that my week never comes to an end without visiting this market. I really love to meet my neighbour and say hello to him as I failed to wish him in the colony for the past one week!.

It was really pleasing both to the mind and to the eyes to see the plenty of green vegetables in a row at both the sides of the road. I am amazed to see the vendors, who always enthusiastic and vibrant and shouting at full pitch. I never noted a change in their mood, and they always at their best. This quality always inspires me whenever I am in low profile.

In Friday market people love to wander here and there, though they get all the vegetables at their arms length. It is just like a mini festival as you can find people from all ages making merry in the market.

Every week I used to get a new experience in the market. Once I was seriously picking up the vegetables, somebody at the side also started picking up the vegetables with unusual speed, when I turned my head, I was shocked to see an Ox, which was picking up the vegetables and swallowing it at its own ease. Out of panic, I just left my picked up vegetables and starting running to the other vendor.

Child labours are banned in India but not the child entrepreneurs. You can see plenty of them here freely roaming in the entire market by selling Podhina (Mint) and coriander leaves in a wooden plate hanging in their neck.

I used to feel that it is the vendor next to one from whom I pick up the vegetables keeps fresh and green vegetables. Though I used to change the vendors very often still I get the same feeling.

I really wonder the amazing talents of the scooter riders who wade through the market without hitting anybody. Few car owners also use it as a ‘drive in’ as they purchase the vegetable without getting down from their cars.


18 thoughts on “Delhi’s Weekly Market

  1. Nice write up. I miss these markets as we don’t have such in my area…. In the earlier place we used to have Tuesday market…. Such lovely and vibrant place…m

  2. Great photos – markets like these are wonderful. I, too, often wonder how those scooter riders can be so talented as to avoid collisions. Sometimes just walking slowly through a space one has the occasional close call with an oncoming person. The only thing preventing bumping in to one another is the fact that you’re both walking. But those scooter drivers? I think they’re operating with a totally different perception of time and everything must move slower to them.

    Or they just have luck that I don’t have.

  3. Yeah they must be talented. Otherwise it is difficult to wade through the crowd. Thank you Todd for the nice comments.

  4. Thank you for your post which brought back so many fond memories of my 3 week stay in India back in 1998. Our first hotel overlooked the Jamamasjid Mosque so it was a few steps away from the market which was as you say fantastic. Love, David.

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