My favourite music player

After Thomas Alva Edison invented Gramophone, the music instruments evolved so fast in the form of record player, tape recorder, walk man, memory sticks and now smartphones. We have plenty of ways to listen music even on the go. Yeah it is really a music revolution that happened to the music world so fast. No doubt, these music instruments are so convenient to handle and easy to operate and also lot of storage facility. Its really boon to the music lover. Though I am also using the latest gadgets to listen songs, yet I feel that listening a song in … Continue reading My favourite music player

Digital Vs Print news

This is the age of information explosion. News just poring through 24 hours news channels, desktop PCs, laptops, I Pads, I phones and smart phones. The younger generation mostly see the news by just flipping their smartphones. News has become just like a instant coffee ! Yeah life being so busy, nobody has time to wait for the news paper and they get updated themselves through electronic devices on the go. I am a avid reader of news paper. In fact so obsessed with using news papers though I too some times go through news through electronic devices. I find … Continue reading Digital Vs Print news

Eleven Questions

Thank you to Nanu Gelda from Aksharbet for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! As promised, here are my answers to the eleven nominee questions: Why did you start your blog? I just started my blog as a hobby and also to ventilate my feelings on various issues and to share with other bloggers. I am a frequent traveler and always like to share my experiences. That is how I started my blog. Has it achieved what you hoped?Yes! Very much. I could able to share my experiences with other bloggers and I got a reasonably good response. What … Continue reading Eleven Questions