Mobile Mania

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Technology development has revolutionized India, particularly in the field of communication. Internet, e-mail & mobile phones are making peoples life easier. Among this, mobile phones have become a mania in India. Here are the few actions of mobile users to support this statement.

If you had keenly watched mobile users, you would have noticed that whether they receive any call or not, yet they used to take out the mobile from their pocket and stare at the screen for a while and  put it back in their pocket again. I am really amazed to see the frequency of the action almost every fifteen minutes. Yes, Indian mobile users love to flaunt their mobile in the public.

No mater how important you are. No matter what important matter you are discussing with the mobile user, his/her attention always drawn towards the call received in their mobile. The moment they receive the call, they never hesitate to abandon you in the middle to attend their call. Once the call is over, you have to begin your discussion from the beginning, as she/he would be in a state of trance after attending the call. Here is a lesson, if you want to be listened properly, try to talk in mobile phone next time.

Employers are the happiest lot to have mobile phones as it helps them to track their employees all the time. On the other day when I was traveling in the bus, one passenger sitting next to me, a mobile in his hand, giving almost a running commentary about his journey by giving exact details of each stop, where he is now and when he would reach a particular point. I presumed that probably he might be speaking to his boss (!).

Mobile users also don’t have any etiquette. Once I was attending a condolence meeting. Large people gathered at a big hall. The whole atmosphere was very calm and serene. From the crowd a middle aged man who was sitting silently for a long, suddenly stood up as if he was bitten by some insect and looked around the hall in a hurry. After few seconds, he was started running to the corner of the hall. I was totally stunned to see his action. Since the meeting was on, I controlled my curiosity. Once the meeting was over I asked the person about his erratic behaviour. Without any embarrassment in his face, he told me casually that he just attended the call on his mobile (!)

While walking on the road, if you happened to see motorcycle riders with their head bent towards their shoulders; don’t think that they are handicapped. Probably they may be attending their mobile call by holding the mobile set between their head and shoulders (!)


20 thoughts on “Mobile Mania

  1. brilliant observations. It really is a phenomenon. I believe it is more then an elevated self importance. It is a drug. An addiction. The creators of the mobile phone had a youtube video where they said they knew what they are doing when they created them. They created them to be reactive to a persons brain. Each time a person checks their mobile they actually get an endorphin hit. A sense of well being floods them. They sigh and go back to what they are doing but then pick it up again and again and again. It is altering people at the cellular level. Their brain is being rewired. In fact, a large number of mobile junkies can no longer read books. They cannot concentrate. They cannot think. They have no memory for information. They have to go to the mobile for information. Nothing is stored inside their brain. It is insidious and yet those addicted won’t let go of it. They will fight tooth and nail to keep it close. They will dismiss their addiction as if it doesn’t exist. Yet ask them to let go of it for 1 month. Let go of it for 6 months. Watch the reactions and excuses for why that is quite impossible. sorry for the length of my comment. your awesome article got me going! love your writing! I love your style of commentary and your amazing adventures.

  2. I think this is a fairly universal phenomenon, but I did see a few amusing scenes on my visit to Kolkata earlier this year. I regularly walked up a busy commercial road in the city and, I don’t know what it’s like elsewhere, but in Kolkata it’s quite common for pedestrians to walk on the road where the sidewalks are especially congested. One day, a businessman was busy messaging on his phone when a delivery van backed up into him—not fast and it quickly pulled forward. The man was jarred, stumbled a bit, but never looked up and didn’t lose a beat with his messaging! On another day, we visited a temple across the river in Howrah where there were huge signs warning that photography was forbidden, and armed soldiers to ensure rules were followed. But it didn’t seem to apply to phones. Visitors were busy snapping shots and selfies outside the buildings with no concerns raised (not inside of course). In some places the entry fee was higher for anyone with a proper camera, but these days phones are often just as good, if not better quality and can be far more discreet if one truly had nefarious intent.

    What a world!

  3. Nice Observations. I too experienced an incident in a crematorium – that persons didn’t have the courtesy to put the mobile on silent mode! The priest was reading from bible and everyone was keeping silence and in mourning. Suddenly the phone rang and the tune was a flashy and popular film song – Saree ka fall sa! 😦 And that person did not have any worry and slowly walked off from the scene!

    1. Thank you Venkat for the nice comments. I could not understand why people don’t have the basic courtesy on such occasions!

  4. There are occasions where a mobile phone is very useful. But this technology is being greatly overused. What on earth could convince people that they’d benefit by using it less?

  5. First picture. Break at my work. Ten years back people were chatting to each other, in these days they stare on smart phones screens.

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