Kill the small screen

hulu-msg-theaterI am sure you all will agree that our life was far better when we had only a ‘Big Screen’ in our life. We go to movie theater occasionally may be once or twice in a month with our family.

It was just like a festival for us.  We analyze, criticize and discuss in threadbare and also we wish to recreate our own version of the movie. The effect of the movie always lingering in our mind for a long time.

The day the small screen called TV  attacked our home the enjoyment we derived from big screen came to an end.We become addicted to the small screen that killed all our out door activities and we have become couch potato.

We lost our creative ability, imagination and analytical mind as we are being fed with illogical, uninspiring content everyday. There are lot of movies being telecast but it never gives a thrilling enjoyment.

The attack of smart phones in our home further deteriorated the atmosphere.  Smartphones reduced the human beings to  ‘virtual beings’. The present generation of children never go out to play and  the pity is that they don’t even know what is called the ‘outdoor games’.

The small screen completely stopped the interaction of the family members as they always interested in virtual relationship. They are too much addicted to the small screen and tempted to see the screen every two minutes.

It is not only affecting their eye sight but also their concentration. To rescue the human beings , I wish to kill the ‘small screen’  !


33 thoughts on “Kill the small screen

  1. It’s always fascinating to me when I see a group of people standing together or a couple out to dinner and they’re all staining at their phones.

  2. Great post and totally agree with your sentiment the ‘ Picture House ‘ was great when l was a child and then as you sat along came TV … my olde gran called it the devil in the corner and it was only black and white then … now its becoming smarter and can connect to the internet and you don’t even know what they are collecting of your life … Ian

  3. I think in many ways it’s about mindfulness. When we talk about the big screen we had to be mindful. “On Friday night we will go to see a film together.” and then we would go, and we’d enjoy it together with no other distractions. With the television, especially in the early days there was still a lot of mindfulness. When I was a kid there were only 4 channels where I lived. There was no “channel surfing” or “binge watching.” We’d plan to watch a show when it came on and sometimes that, too, would be a family affair – or in university a group of friends would do it together.

    Enter the smart phone. Now we have anything we want when we want it. And we also have the idea that there must be something really amazing in there. And so, whenever we need a little more excitement than we think we’re having, we pull out the phone. What’s happening in the news? Who liked my last Facebook post? Did that guy on Twitter finally admit they were wrong after I really showed them in my last post?

    Now our family has come almost full circle. My wife had a smart phone, fell in to its small screen, climbed out and eventually not only gave up the smart phone, she gave up her mobile entirely. My son has a smart phone but is mindful of how he uses it. It isn’t a “fast forward” button to get through boring parts. It’s a communication tool to coordinate with his friends and little more than that. I’m probably the worst of all of us but even I rarely use my smart phone out in the world but I admit to being enticed by it more than I should. I will say, though, that the less I use it – the more I take my earbuds out and experience the world around me as I travel, the better time I have.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

    1. It seems that your family aware the harmful effects of the small screen !Thank you for the nice comment

  4. Not to mention humans quickly glance to the phone when another approaches as a way of avoiding contract. When phones replaced iPods I used as I walked about enchanted by voice and music but it became more of a choir to load music/ podcasts and then what to listen and when. Today the phone is with me but only as a phone. Isn’t technology wonderful!

    1. My main concern is human being started giving more value to their phone ! They are obsessed so much that they completely forget what is happening around them. Thank you for your comments.

  5. I have been around long enough to see a television go from a small black and white screen to a huge color screen. We were all excited to get a bigger screen. And then the smart phone. Now I have observed my nephew watching his small screen on his phone while my 80 inch TV sits dark in the room; this makes no sense to me. The worst of it is the isolation it breeds. Thankfully, my children limit their children’s screen use. My grandchildren are among the few who actually know what it means to go outside and play. I have witnessed this! It is glorious. Interesting post.

    1. It is great to know that your grand children like to go outside and play. Thanks for the nice comments.

  6. 🦋 I don’t have a phone with a screen….well just a tiny square for texts. No internet connection, no photos. Just calls and texting…mostly for extended family. When I’m away from the computer, it’s to take a break. I don’t need to carry it around with me. We have a large 60 inch TV sceen to watch DVDs and enjoy the cinemas a few times a year.

    Great article.

      1. Ah… it’s so old the telphone company no longer sells them. If this one dies, I may have to search the world for another similar. Perhaps an antique store. 😉

  7. Nice post and actually it makes me appreciate even more the fact that as much as I love the utility of my mobile phone and iPad I still have kids that play outside most of the time and don’t complaint because they don’t have their own phone or tablet and have to ask to go to internet💁🏻‍♀️😀

  8. I remember the big screen AND the drive in.
    We’d all pile in the back of the van and huddle into blankets and eat treats from home and just ENJOY each other’s company and the movie. Yes, technology is important and yes, it has taken over. We need to find a balance.

  9. Got to agree with you on that. People just don’t communicate as they once did. All eyes are glued to the box and ears closed to conversation. How on earth did people manage without the mobile phone? Well we did and to my mind much better!
    Shirley Anne

  10. That communication you so miss now takes another form, but it is still communication! We interact in a different way, but we interact much more than we did, so I rather celebrate it. And as for imagination, there are so many scenarios that can be generated from one call or one text on a mobile phone. I love that I can converse with anyone anywhere in the world, and if I wish I can see them as we talk. So much to see, so much further yet to evolve!

  11. You have raised very pertinent points in your post. But, technology turned commerce a few centuries back! We may not be able to stop the tide of new gadgets but I think as individuals we still have some choice on adoption and usage. I am grateful for that!

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