FIFA 2018 World Cup as I see it…………..


I am basically a cricket fan, may be because India plays cricket! I also watch other sports for a change. My interest to watch football matches developed only during world cups.I really enjoy the extravaganza on TV.

Though I have not much knowledge over football, other than Messi and Ronaldo, still I enjoy the game for other reasons. That is the way I see a football match!

I am amazed to see the colourful football stadium. The vast green field with players in colourful attire with white shoes.The men at goals with different shades. Referees with a whistle  in their hand also in stunning colourful attire.

Spectators of respective countries also exhibit their loyalty with their team by wearing the same shades as their team mates. Few spectators also wear very colourful head gears and that attract other spectators.I don’t think any other playing area has such a colourful surroundings.

Once the play starts, it is amazing to see the players continuously running, kicking and heading the ball for 90 minutes. Really we have to salute their endurance. Goal keepers who normally relaxed, get stressed when the ball come to their side! In no other game referees have this much work out as in the football match. They also keep running with the players throughout the match.

When two players during the course of the match indulged in a scuffle, and one player always roll down on the ground with unbearable pain, but to my surprise within few seconds he himself stand up and resume his play is really awesome.

It is always interesting to watch actions of coaches of the rival teams. They can not sit on their seat not even for a minute, as either got excited or irritated over the performance of their team that force them always get out of their seat and come to the edge of the playing area and advise the players through their actions how to handle a specific situation in the middle !

Yeah for the 90 minutes it is always unlimited entertainment !


Published by V Ramasamy

I like to write articles on diverse topics. I am also an voracious reader and like to comment on others opinion

16 thoughts on “FIFA 2018 World Cup as I see it…………..

  1. It is colorful and the crowds are so noisy ,cheering and shouting it ads to the atmosphere. I am not a big follower of football/soccer but I do enjoy the World Cup. This year some of the “Big Guns” have lost and are gone. So this makes it very interesting!

  2. Sadly I’m not the greatest football fan in the world and indeed didn’t see a minute of the action, but I’m so glad that it brings such joy to so many.


    The Cat

  3. For the German Team it was a nightmare. They underperformed hugely.
    I’m not a soccer fan either but I’m eagerly awaiting what they want to change to have a decent team again!

    1. Yeah it was a greatest disappointment for a defending Champion in this world cup. I am sure they will bounce back in the next World Cup. Thanks for the comments.

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