Hey monsoon, come soon !


It is natural everybody like monsoon no matter which part of the globe they are. But for the people of Delhi it is a boon !  Because whole Delhi turn in to a frying pan during summer and the temperature will reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. Just shut your eyes and touch any object, I am sure it will be hot .

Even during night you won’t get any respite from heat. Thanks for the occasional dust storm, that give us much needed relief, though only for a brief period!

The biggest dilemma once monsoon arrive is whether to carry umbrella to office or not. If you carry it, it won’t rain. If you don’t carry it, certainly you will get stuck either in office or in metro station !

Having umbrella does not mean that you can reach your home safe. Due to wind force  your umbrella suddenly change its angle towards sky thereby making you wet as well as make you embarrassed due to curious onlookers. Some times you have to jump like Kangaroo to avoid puddles on the road.

It is better to keep your distance from speeding car to avoid muddy wash ! Fly overs and elevated metro tracks serve as a community umbrella for the two wheeler riders as well as  pedestrians.

Irrespective of the above troubles, I enjoy monsoon every year. The thunder storm and  appearance of the  cloudy sky,  trigger my imagination and creativity and urge me to write more. News paper report say Delhi’s pollution level comes down during rain. I enjoy the drizzle while walking. I always cherish the heavy rain when I am in the comfort of my home.


Published by V Ramasamy

I like to write articles on diverse topics. I am also an voracious reader and like to comment on others opinion

36 thoughts on “Hey monsoon, come soon !

  1. I am not sure everybody loves monsoon, I come from a region where it is monsoon almost all year round, so it isn’t an welcoming thing for me 🙂
    And, you are right about the dilemma about whether to carry your umbrella or not and if you don’t have it surely will have to rain – Murphy’s Law!

  2. Hope you make it through the monsoons and enjoy cooler weather. We are supposedly in the monsoon season in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona… watching for clouds every day, wishing for rain after five dry months. I’ll dance in the rain when it finally gets here and breaks this string of 108-degree days!!! Maybe it’s time to head to Delhi! Thanks for your blog posts, enjoy hearing about your small triumphs and joys!

  3. That was a very, umique expression of the sumer rain. Humours yet to the detail, really enjoyed your post. Yes all of us are praying for the much awaited monsoon. Respite from heat is the need of the hour.

  4. Glad to meet someone else who likes the rain! We don’t have a monsoon season here but thunderstorms bring welcome relief from heat and humidity. I love the fresh smell and colors after a rain 🙂

  5. I have visited various countries where heat and pouring rain have been constant companions. I have lived in the US desert Southwest where temperatures have averaged above 43 C in late summer. And there, the “monsoon” season can fill streets in the late afternoon, but disappear without a trace in a day. But I have not been to India. This picture suggests maybe I should visit Dehli in springtime??

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