The day when I touch the sky

636867-goairI was craving for air travel since my childhood. Whenever I see a flight in the sky, I always used to imagine how passengers inside the plane would be enjoying their flying. But unfortunately air travel in India was meant for rich only. Few years back only national carrier Indian airlines dominated the whole field and its fare was beyond the reach of a common man. It was a time, only top bureaucrats, business men and politicians used to travel by air.

Now the whole scenario has changed drastically. Thanks to invasion of private airlines in the Indian sky. Their competitiveness in service and pricing has a significant effect on the domestic scene and that leads to even a common man like me started thinking of realizing my dream of traveling by air.

I was waiting eagerly for the right opportunity. One fine morning when I opened the news paper, my eyes straight away glued to an advertisement given by a private airline offering unimaginable low fares to Chennai. For a moment I could not believe my eyes. I just rubbed my eyes and again gone through the advertisement. Yes it was a god sent opportunity for me to fly.

I immediately dialed the airline numbers and enquired to know whether ticket is available or not. To my joy, they informed me that tickets are available. Without any hesitation I immediately booked my dream ticket for the dream journey. I felt as if it all happened as fantasy. Yes, the countdown starts. There is no need for me to dream now as I am going to realize my dream.

On the appointed day, I was so brisk in packing my things. Though it was more than eight hours for the journey I started flying now itself. Since I have to be in the airport two hours before, I booked a taxi. It was a rainy day and it was raining cat and dogs, but it failed to dampen my spirit.

The taxi arrived. Still it was raining. I took by suite case and a bag and locked my home. First I took the suite case and got down from the stair case of my apartment and kept in the back seat of the taxi and I closed the door to avoid rain water seeping inside the car and again came to the staircase and took my bag and got down to board the taxi. To my shock, the taxi was not there. I was started looking all the directions, but I could not find the taxi. One minute I felt that my dream run has ended abruptly. I became so tense. I did not know what to do? I tried driver’s mobile number. Unfortunately the phone was engaged.

To add fuel to the fire, I got a call in my mobile from the airline informing that the flight timing has been advanced by 20 minutes. What a pathetic situation. I never heard in my life advancement of any timing whether it is a bus, train or airline. After fifteen minutes again I dialed driver’s mobile number. This time he responded. I asked him where he is going. I was really stunned on hearing his reply. He told me that he is going to airport. Going to airport without passenger? I told him that I am the passenger how can you go to airport without me. After a brief pause, he told me that he is coming back. In this process almost 30 minutes was wasted.

Rain was still continuing. I became restless. The car back again. The driver told me that he thought that after putting the suitcase on the back seat he thought that I also would have sat. There was no time for me to scold the driver for his irresponsible behaviour. I asked him to rush to the airport. Due to heavy rain throughout the day led to water logging everywhere and that led to traffic jam en route airport. This also added to my tension and still I was not sure whether I would be able to make it to the airport.

To my surprise after reaching airport I came to know that the flight timing was actually postponed by 30 minutes. The flight which was supposed to land did not land in time. We were told that due to heavy traffic congestion at the Delhi airport the flight landing is delayed. Since most of us are first time flyers naturally every body was so anxious. After seeing their condition I just said that though the airline is named as ‘go air’ it seems it will never go. After hearing my comments everybody laughed a while forgetting their tense moment. The bus arrived to take us near to the flight. After getting down from the bus when I look at the flight at a close range, I was completely spellbound by its beauty.

This was the first time I could able to see a flight in such a close distance and was completely amazed to see the wonderful carrier. After entering inside the flight I felt as if I entered into a big auditorium. Now we were waiting for the great moment. Yes to take off. There was an announcement that passengers must wear their seat belt as the flight is going to take off in few seconds. We were waiting with bated breath. All lights inside the flight are switched off. For a minute the entire passengers were silent waiting for the exciting moment. We felt a jerk and the flight just started cruising into the sky like a big bird.

It was an unimaginable experience that no words can explain my feeling fully. When the flight was on its high altitude and with high speed, I felt as if I am sitting in a room of a five star hotel. When we all started settling down fully after the take off experience, there was an announcement again that flight reached Chennai and very few seconds from now the flight is going to land. I could not believe this. Within 2 ยฝ hours I crossed more than 2000 Kms whereby I used to travel the same distance by spending 36 hours in train. I felt as if I traveled just from one part of Delhi to other.

Really it was a wonderful experience which I will never forget as long as I live.

Published by V Ramasamy

I like to write articles on diverse topics. I am also an voracious reader and like to comment on others opinion

40 thoughts on “The day when I touch the sky

  1. I really enjoy your tale about your first flight. How wonderful it is to experience things with fresh eyes.
    I never forget my first flight either. I wanted to touch the clouds. They were so beautiful and the world below looked magical.
    I was 17.


  2. I’ve never read such a great description of a first flight. The anticipation and all.
    I could not believe the taxi drove off without you. I’m glad you had his cell phone number. Otherwise, it would have been terrible.

  3. What a lovely story. The first time we experience something, it should be special. Your negative experiences simply highlight the positive ones!

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