My first encounter with Winter

 Since winter is fast approaching in Delhi, it brought me back the memories of my first winter in Delhi. When I came to Delhi  I knew nothing about the season called ‘winter’ as I belong to South India, where the climate is hot, hotter and hottest. When everybody talk about winter, I thought that they are just exaggerating theContinue reading “My first encounter with Winter”

FIFA 2018 World Cup as I see it…………..

I am basically a cricket fan, may be because India plays cricket! I also watch other sports for a change. My interest to watch football matches developed only during world cups.I really enjoy the extravaganza on TV. Though I have not much knowledge over football, other than Messi and Ronaldo, still I enjoy the gameContinue reading “FIFA 2018 World Cup as I see it…………..”

The day when I touch the sky

I was craving for air travel since my childhood. Whenever I see a flight in the sky, I always used to imagine how passengers inside the plane would be enjoying their flying. But unfortunately air travel in India was meant for rich only. Few years back only national carrier Indian airlines dominated the whole fieldContinue reading “The day when I touch the sky”