Kolkata Memories



On our way to Port Blair, we had a short trip to Kolkata. Howrah Rajdhhani reached Kolkata at 10AM from Delhi. Howrah station is so big and neat and clean. I was surprised to see cars are parked at the other side of the platform. Passengers after getting down from the train and boarding their car from the  platform, which is really an unique phenomenon and I have never seen it before.

When I come out of the station there was a long queue. The queue was for prepaid taxi service. The lengthy queue has proved the popularity of prepaid taxi service in kolkata. Ambassador cars painted with yellow colour lined up for the customers. All cars bear the slogan ‘no refusal’. Kolkata is also auto less city. You cannot spot a single auto.

Howrah bridge was awesome. Evening we visited the famous Victoria memorial built by British. The beautiful white marble memorial enchanted us. We can certainly say that it is a Taj mahal of Kolkata. Inside memorial hall the huge museum with beautiful paintings enthralled us. The large garden surrounded the memorial adds feather to its beauty.

There was a folk programme going on in front of memorial. The troops performed beautifully with their colourful attire that delighted the entire audience for more than two hours.

We went to the majestic Dakshineshwar temple dedicated to mother Kali. Apart from main deity there are 15 shiv lingas give darshan to the devotees. Hoogly river is in the back side and Howrah bridge is clearly visible from this spot. We also visited Ramakrishna math planned and conceived by Vivekananda. It is a huge complex and a lake in one side. We could not visit Indian museum as it turned to be monday weekly holiday. Also visited Kali Ghat, the 53rd Sakthi Pedam.

Next day, being a working day, we visited the Indian Museum, the biggest in the country. It took four hours to see this. It was really a rare opportunity to see collection of animal fossils that also million years old from Shivalik hills areas. Evaluation of human beings, minting of coins in each dynasty, fisheries archive, rare breed of birds from different regions and countries are some of the highlight of this museum. In Egypt section we were thrilled to see the actual mummy which you can not see in any museum in this country. Finally we thought that our trip to Kolkata will never complete without travelling in its tram. So we took a joy ride and enjoyed every bit of that.



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